Литейное дело

Жара, пыль и вибрации – повсеместно характерные условия в литейном производстве. Эти факторы часто являются естественными ограничителями применения точностных приборов. Изделия, разработанные Hexagon Metrology, спроектированы и изготовлены с учетом жестких условий эксплуатаций и отвечают особым условиям литейного производства. В сложных производственных средах также обеспечивается точность измерений до сотых долей миллиметра для параметров деталей с очень большими диаметрами.

Для систем Hexagon Metrology не существует проблем эксплуатаци и в таких условиях: применение термостабильных материалов, таких как углепластики – полимерные материалы, армированные графитовой нитью, а также уникальных средств температурной компенсаци. Надежность результатов измерений всегда гарантируется. Инженеры-разработчики Hexagon Metrology и пользователи от литейной промышленности осознают, что вместе формируют особую и наиболее многочисленную группу пользователей в мире промышленной метрологии, ставящую особые требования к качеству создаваемых изделий – решающим здесь является получение точных рекомендаций.

Messtronik GmbH - St. Georgen
New spheres of coordinate metrology

The Black Forest. Thanks to successful tourism advertisements, this name is associated with cuckoo clocks and the scent of pine trees, but the early birds in the forest aren’t the only ones to catch the worm. Traditionally, companies based in this region have also been among the most ‘bright-eyed’ in the country, particularly the ...

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Siemens AG Steam Turbines - Görlitz
A boost for turbines

„The only efficient machine is one that’s used to full capacity.” This is the motto of the blade production department at Siemens AG Steam Turbines in Görlitz, Germany. The only way to counter the cost and deadline pressures of turbine production is through full machine ...

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KYB - Ororbia, Spain
Pioneers in scanning and reverse engineering for shock absorber manufacturing.

Hexagon Metrology’s long list of customers and partners includes KYB the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers worldwide. This Japanese giant, with its global presence, uses the ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner for its pioneering reverse engineering work at its Technical Centre in Ororbia, Spain. The measuring arm provides precise, ...

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Alutec - Nantoin
Guarantee the alloy’s quality with ROMER Multi Gage

The company Alutec, a member of the international group Aluthea ( www.aluthea.com ), is specialised in the foundry of light alloys. Its main area of activity is related to electrical material. Alutec also works directly with the most important European car manufacturers and their subcontractors. Approximately 80 people each year convert 1000 ...

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Corima - Loriol
Points and forms. Leica Absolute Tracker AT 401 at the service of mould production

Corima Technologies capitalises on significant knowledge on casting equipment and the production of associated complex components. The company has specialised in electroforming, that is, a nickel or copper electrodeposit to obtain a form. This electrodeposit therefore consists of forming a very thick metallic deposit on a model with the aim of ...

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ACTech - Freiberg
Staying Ahead – Right from the Start

For years now, dimensional accuracy of castings and their material properties have to fulfil ever-increasing requirements in the fields of automotive, aerospace and systems engineering. Despite that, measurement and inspection are in part still viewed like a possible bottleneck on production or an additional expense factor. At ACTech GmbH, leading ...

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EBCC - Wroclaw
EBCC Improves Aluminium Casting Production Quality with White Light Measurement System

EBCC located in Wrocław, Poland was established in the early 1960s and since 1999 has been specializing in aluminum castings production. The company produces about 6.5 million aluminum brake calipers annually, which makes it the second-largest producer in Europe. EBCC is part of the ACE group established in 2006 which activity is concentrated in ...

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Silbitz Guss
Foundry finds competitive edge with Laser Tracker system from Leica Geosystems

The portable measuring system in use at Silbitz Guss is an all-round performer: it can scan, take tactile measurements, mark the parts and automatically connect the Laser Tracker to handheld devices. To the benefit of the foundry‘s ...

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AfM Technology / Stahlwerk Augustfehn
XL crown gear precisely forged thanks to Leica Absolute Tracker AT901

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has manufactured a crown wheel with a diameter of 12.7 m. A Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and the knowhow of metrology specialists at AfM Technology GmbH Ost ensured that measurements taken during production were always highly ...

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Otto Junker - Simmerath
Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker simplifies the inspection of large castings

Otto Junker simplifies measuring processes at its stainless steel foundry with a Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker. The high quality of the machined parts speaks for itself due to the measuring accuracies achieved.  When viewed from the outside, the interior of the stainless steel foundry at Otto Junker GmbH appears to be pitch-black. ...

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SMG - Villeneuve les Sablons
Adoption of ROMER Articulated Arm Broadens Business Horizons for Smaller Companies

The acquisition of a measurement instrument represents an important investment for small and medium-sized companies. The questions are numerous: Which product to buy? Which supplier to rely on? What technology corresponds to the company's needs? Is the investment really worth the effort? SMG Confrère, a company specialized in cutting, ...

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Funderia Condals - Manresa
PC-DMIS offline: The Virtual Measuring Machine

The PC-DMIS for Windows measurement software includes an off-line programming environment that allows you to create measurement programs even if you do not physically have a measuring machine and part available.  This off-line functionality remarkably increases the efficiency of the dimensional control procedures since you only need to ...

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